Greetings, everyone!
     Most winters I like to take a break from my sewing and wander through the snowy woods around my little house with the green door. I visit the trees and watch the birds and talk to the rabbits. But this year the wind was so cold and the snowflakes fell so heavily that I stayed inside, creeping out only for firewood or to shovel the snow from the path to my house. 
    So, as usual I made puppets - but I made more puppets than ever! Of course I sewed lots of unicorns and faeries, but also colorful owls, big bunnies, flowers, lions, wizards, and steampunk girls.
    Last week the puppets and I had a meeting to decide which festivals we will attend this summer. We look forward to seeing you on a nice sunny day at our tent marked PUPPETINA! 
    The list of festivals is on the last page of this web site. I hope one is near you!

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